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Waste PV modules should be recycled and disposed properly


Solar power generation systems with no CO2 emissions are one of the effective solutions for global climate change issue. A fixed price purchase system (FIT) has promoted popularization of solar power systems in Japan, and the PV systems are expected to be a principal position of renewable energy.

However PV modules must be end of life and the waste volume amounts to three hundred thousand ton per year. And these modules have to be processes under waste management law.

“Glass-Wakeeru Type-3” separates, sorts, and collects waste photovoltaics modules, and the system consistently provides services for utilizing recycled valuable resources.

Features of “Glass Wakeeru type III” system

Almost 100% recycling

Materials separated and recovered from waste PV modules are used as valuable resources

Support network

“Waste glass recycling business cooperatives” supports recycling business 

Experience & Expertise

Processing technology developed through glass recycling and know-how for effective recycling

More details about “Glass-Wakeeru Type-3”

Automation system from feeding module to delamination and sorting

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Informational website for recycling photovoltaic module in Japan


If you would like to start by collecting information, please see website “PV®“.

This website provides the latest information and useful tips about photovoltaics recycling in Japan.