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Recycled glass as “Eco Mark” certified product

The glass removed by “Glass-Wakeeru Type-3” system becomes “Crystal stone & sand”, which is certified by the “Eco Mark“.
Unique technology realizes glass cullet with no sharp edges, and it is a product that can be used safely without any impact on the environment.


Authorized by Japan Environment Association
Certification No.06131009

New utilization of recycled glass from waste module

In order to realize resource circulation in regions, we are currently conducting joint research with AIST(The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) as an anti-weed effect and reflective material for glass..
Increase of power generation is expected by laying glass cullet as a reflective material underneath the bifacial cell module.


Realization of local resource circulation through recycling


By utilization of the recycled glass made from waste PV modules in solar power plants, the regional circulation of recycled resources is realized.