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Features of “Glass-Wakeeru Type-3”


– Delamination and sorting technology cultivated through glass recycling
– Glass cullet with no edge can be processed
– Physical delamination, no heat or chemicals are required

“Glass-Wakeeru Type-3” applies delamination technology that takes into account the use of glass, which accounts for a large portion of the constituent materials of modules.
Since the glass can be treated as a recycled product, the options for application, one of the issues in module recycling, are increased.

Equipment layout


This figure is an example of equipment layout for “Glass-Wakeeru Type-3” system.
The most suitable equipment configuration and arrangement will be proposed to meet the customer’s requirements.

Integrated automation system from module feeding to delamination and sorting

Modules are automatically conveyed and aluminum frames are removed.

By unique technology, the removed glass becomes glass cullet with no edge.

Equipment capacity & specification

Delamination process

Module sizeL1900~L1730 × W1000~950
Process capacityApprox. 60 seconds per module
Max. power comsunption29.1kW
ComponentsFrame remover, Glass remover,
Conveyed systems, Hydraulic and pneumatic systems, Control equipment,
Dust collection systems, etc.

Sorting process

Sorting methodsParticle size selection, Wind power sorting, Color sorting, Metal detection
Process capacityApprox. 1000kg/h
Max. power consumption21.0kW

(This system is available only in Japan.)